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The UK pensions market is a complex area full of different schemes and an often bewildering set of ever changing rules and regulations. Most people will invest in a number of different arrangements throughout their working life but what is undeniable is that the majority will vastly underestimate the provision they need to make to enjoy a prosperous retirement. It has never been more important to seek proper professional advice to ensure that your retirement planning will meet your future expectations particularly at a time when final salary schemes once an attractive employee benefit offered by a majority of employers are now a scarce resource offered only by a limited number of companies and local authority and government departments.


Self Invested Personal Pensions are a fantastic way of saving for retirement, not only do your investments grow free of income and capital gains tax but your personal contributions can be eligible for tax relief at your highest marginal rate up to a maximum of £40,000 or 100% of your income if lower. It is also possible for non-taxpayers to contribute up to £3,600 and receive relief and in certain circumstances pension contributions can exceed the maximum by sweeping up unused relief for the previous three tax years.

You can currently draw benefits from age 55 and receive a lump sum of up to 25% of the accumulated fund free of tax. The remainder of the fund can be used to provide you with an income either via an annuity or the more usually preferred option of taking flexible drawdown payments.

Recent changes to legislation have made pensions a potentially significant addition to inheritance tax planning strategies as pension funds can be passed to beneficiaries free of all tax should death occur before age 75 and are taxable at marginal rates of income when death occurs after 75. Pensions have suddenly become a great tool for passing assets tax free across generations.


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